Thursday, June 6, 2013

Emily de Molly Ground Control and Amazonia

The time has finally try out these amazing Emily de Molly holos!! I will get on with it and show you what you really came here for, not my silly ramblings ;)

For all picture pairs: the left is natural light no flash, the right is natural light with flash. Mr. sun just did NOT want to cooperate today, but the flash pictures turned out just fine and I decided to go with it! I just couldn't wait to show you this gorgeous pair :)

Amazonia: Dark Green Teal base with shifting holo effect. There are beautiful yellows, greens, blues, and even a hint of purple in this one! Seche base, 2 coats.

Ground Control: Medium brown and grey undertones with the holo effect. This one has SO many layers in it, as you can see with the flash on! Just about every color in the rainbow shines through when the light hits it right. Seche base, 2 coats.

The formula was smooth as EDM's always are, and as mentioned before I only needed 2 coats to become opaque and shimmery enough to my liking. You COULD use a third, but it is not needed. I could not pick a favorite between the two! So how about you go and get some yourself (whenever these are restocked on next, they went like hotcakes!) and let me know which is YOUR favorite :) Have a great night! xoxo

(I have purchased these for my own enjoyment, and let me tell you, I enjoy them a LOT!)


  1. I just got my first EDM in cosmic forces and I'm so excited to try it!! Amazonia looks awesome!

    1. The colors and holo are both amazing! You will love cosmic forces its unlike any polish ive every tried!

  2. Beautiful! Going on my ISO list! Great review! :)